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Gooseberry Films produce legacy messages and other professional videos throughout the westcountry,

Personal and Commercial Video more


We are professional westcountry based video and film makers that produce a wide range of personal and commercial video for screen or disc.

Our customer base is as varied as the type and subject matter of the films we produce, from very personal and family based to commercial promotion, but the professional and competitive standards we use remain constant.

However vague your ideas may be, we would love to hear about them and advise you accordingly.

We look forward to hearing from you

Barry Dowding


Our Services

Our video production and editing services are flexible and adaptable which makes talking over ideas with clients who may not be too familiar with video, very easy

We work with you from your first contact to discussing your event or idea to producing the finished product, ensuring we produce a video that is engaging or entertaining

Our filming techniques are also very adaptable, particularly when producing Legacy Messages or Memorial Films that need to be discreet as well as unobtrusive.

All film is produced using pro sound and Sony pro camera’s (HD or 4K) with access to drone and other gear  when required


Legacy Messages - Leave a message or instruction to loved ones

Events - Capture and share planned events with others

Promotional video- Video for screen or disc in varied digital formats

Theatre - Capture a theatre or concert production for media promotion

Music video - Record your music ability for media promotion or satisfaction

Memorial - Memorial services can be discreetly filmed for absent family

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